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U.L. Harper

I'm curious at what Ms. Norris will do once her books are out of print.

Gloria Oliver

Love Broad Universe. They're such a great resource and such supportive peeps! Glad you were able to continue your series.


I may be wrong, but her books will never go "out of print" with Zumaya, that's the beauty of some small presses.

Rie Sheridan Rose

Sounds very familiar, Christine. :) Will you move the other series books to Zumaya at some point, or keep them with Samhain? I am just curious, because I know that having works scattered everywhere can be a challenge. I am trying to consolidate a bit more myself, and wondered what your thoughts on multiple publishers were.

Christine Norris

That depends, Rie. So far the first two are doing well with Samhain, and I think that helps bring people to Zumaya, when they go to look for the third book. It can be a challenge, but Samhain has a big enough name now (2 of their books made the NYT list!) that it can also be an asset ;)

At this point I have no plans to pull them from Samhain. They have been great to me, and just decided to not publish the type of books I write anymore. If they agree to renew my contracts, I will probably stay there.

Most publishers I've been with , all three, have options to renew the contracts. I think my first two books, with LBF, MIGHT be up this year. If they'll have me I will probably stay with them as well, unless I think I can rewrite and put out a better edition, but honestly I'm so busy now that I don't think I'll have time for that.

Thanks for the questions!


Thanks for sharing your story, Christine!

Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Great post. We learn so much by going through the process. I wish you the best.

Kim Baccellia

Great post, Christine!

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