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Cheryl C. Malandrinos

And here I was thinking it was all fun and games. :) This is a neat post, Dot, because it explains our philosophy of having a well-rounded tour that keeps our clients coming back time and again.

Thanks to all of our bloggers who make this job wonderful. You are appreciated more than we can say.


Dorothy Thompson

Thanks for your comment, Cheryl! Much appreciated and thanks for giving me fodder for another blog post!


I wanna know who really has this life? :)

"...they get a mental image of a woman at a computer doing her thing over a cup of cappuccino, only to take a few breaks to take the kids to soccer practice, cook dinner for their family and maybe jump back on before they hit the sack."

Farrah from The Book Faery Reviews

What?! No pjs and cappuccino? And I've been trying to get you to hire me because?! LOL You gals do an AMAZING job (and I STILL want a spot!) with the tours and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with you all.

That's good to know that there's a criteria (and one I need to remember when suggesting I'd be a good fit)! I try my best to check my book calendar for upcoming "events".

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